Facebook Fatigue

I’m not sure if it’s my natural aging process or if I’ve developed an allergic reaction but one of the more popular social networking platforms available – Facebook – is turning me into a grumpy recluse.

At the moment I have numerous Friend Requests and a bunch of other junky stuff – like an invitation to join “Plush Animal Companions for Obama (PACO)”, a test that tells me the color of my heart and a bunch of lilly plants to add to my ‘Green Patch’.

Other than hit the ‘Ignore’ button, how does one politely say, “I’m way too old for stuffed animals, no matter what their candidate preference”, “My heart is black as the night” and “My god, my patch is rather personal – do ya mind?”

I’m all for fun and games, catching up with old friends and seeing photos of cyber-acquaintances I’ve never met but about 90% of the pings, pokes and prods I get from Facebook are big, fat time-wasters. My new rule: I will not accept you as a ‘Friend’ unless we’ve had at least one in-person conversation – preferably one that made me laugh or enlightened me in some way.

I realize that this may take me out of the running for “Funnest Person Contest”, but I think I can live with that.


One Response

  1. I, too, do not like the weird facebook apps. I just ignore them all. I feel like they clutter up my page. Clutter is bad. I might still have one app up (the post-it note app), but if it is still on my page it’s just waiting to be deleted…
    p.s. i think you’re a fun person! : )

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