Creativity Hits the Road

Last month, the Santa Monica ad agency RPA cut half-inch grooves into a quarter-mile stretch of Avenue K in the L.A. desert city of Lancaster. Community service, you ask? It’s all part of their crazy-ass ad campaign for Honda Civic.

The grooves were synched in such a way that driving over them at precisely 55mph caused Rossini’s “William Tell Overture” (the Lone Ranger theme) to play in the air – I shiteth you not. Unfortunately, Avenue K borders a quiet subdivision, the RPA failed to take variables such as tire pressure into account, and the Civic ad became a civic nuisance. Sadly, the road has already been repaved but YouTube is loaded with clips – such as the one above – of drivers getting their grooves on.

As for the ad itself, it was due to air in September but no sign of it yet. Hold tight, Kemosabe!



2 Responses

  1. It’s a cute idea, but why the Lone Ranger theme? Also I can’t help but think it was lost on lots of people – I don’t remember the last time I drove in my car without the music blasting. :)

  2. My Intel client was raving about how cool this is. Thanks for sharing.

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