Dr. Marvin, I’m blogging!

OK so since I sent about 50 emails to the BM New Media Team alias today, decided to post this last one in our blog. Not sure why but it seems easier sometimes to just punch out an email. When really, it’s kind of the same thing. Think I’m getting sucked into that mindset that blogging is too cumbersome – I blame Twitter; quick shouts vs. thought-out posts. (So much more my style, even offline). :)

Anyway, wanted to share this – have you all seen already? I have sadly been too busy since the election to track the news surrounding the President-Elect and his activity (although every time I walk past the freaking TV in the front lobby it’s SARAH PALIN THIS, SARAH PALIN THAT – GOOOOOO) but this Web site might be a great resource to help me get caught up. CHANGE.GOV – the new Web site “from the office of the President-Elect.”

It’s gorgeous, visually, and seems to employ a lot of the features we came to know and love on barackobama.com during his campaign for Office. There’s a voluteer portal, multimedia and even user-generated content, via the “share your story” [from election day]. COOL.

Change.gov supports Veterans Day

Change.gov supports Veterans' Day

What are your thoughts? What will happen to a) this site once Obama goes to the Oval Office for his term and b) the OG site – BarackObama.com? Curious where the good content there will go. Will he just create a link bridge? Is that one now going away since it was focused on advocacy and fundraising?

Either way – love this campaigns involvement in all things digital! Should be a very open, interesting term – no matter what your politics. (Thinking of the Russian President video blog Stephen sent around recently and how, upon watching, I had envisioned Obama doing the same, addressing the US. Rad!)



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  1. Great post, Jes! Yes, this site is getting a lot of attention in the blogosphere and I also wonder where all that feedback and suggestions are going to go. Surely, he is not going to read them all? I’m thinking there will be a task force of readers going through it all. I would love to be one of them.

    Also, on NPR this morning, they were talking about how ‘Howard Dean was the Orville Wright of digital campaigning and Obama was the Neil Armstrong so what’s next?’

    Answer: The Smart Phone. At least that’s what they said.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – such an interesting time to be alive! 2009 is going to be a game-changer.

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