Viral Video, 2009

For those of you following the recent BART tragedy, it’s been a heavy, albeit sobering, reminder of the power of viral video. Without it, this story would probably be playing out much differently. Just 10 years ago, similar cases relied on controlled security-camera footage, verbal accounts and official police reports. In this age, it’s arguably witness-generated video that speaks loudest and rings truest of all mediums.

– Dave


3 Responses

  1. Agreed. I was living in LA during the Rodney King debacle took place, in 1991, and video played a huge role in that case as well. All before the mainstream usage of the Internet. Pictures don’t lie.

  2. Ugh, yeah, remember that as well…

  3. Fruitvale Station – not my favorite stop on Bart. Neither is West Oakland. This is good reminder to keep pepper spray and camera phone on my person.

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