SF renames Bush St – aptly

So this rippled through the Interwebs today but I had actually stumbled upon it rather organically (or, ignorantly, as the case happened to be) and got a huge kick out of it – perhaps greater than if I had seen it online first then sought it out after – the beauty of a perfectly-executed stunt!

I was on my way to an appointment after watching the new Pres be sworn in this morning. Of course I was very excited, but also running a little late. As I biked quickly up the hill toward my appointment on Bush Street, I squinted toward the street sign to see if I’d met my destination (I don’t know this part of town well so was trying to get my bearings). I wasn’t wearing my glasses, either, but I swore – and as I got closer – did it really say? It looks like… OBAMA St!!

I stopped my bike at the corner and pointed toward a sign, exclaiming to a random man. English wasn’t his first language, so it took a second for us to get on the same page, then we smiled at each other, laughed and went our separate ways. It was beautiful. I snapped a photo on my phone and posted to Twitter.


Obama Street (at Hyde St), SF

Obama Street (at Hyde St), SF

After my appointment, I saw some students snapping photos but no one knew at the time who had executed this stunt. It was fun, though, watching people react to it – drivers honking, yelling, pedestrians smiling, snapping pics, etc. So super cool.

A friend of mine IMd me once I got back to my desk to inform that it was the work of Laughing Squid – how appropriate!

Well done, guys! This thoroughly made my morning. :)


UPDATE: Apparently I assumed this was done by Laughing Squid, however just learned that a group called Survival Research Laboratories (they have a Wikipedia page) was behind the stunt. Thanks, Derek, for the tip! http://sfcitizen.com/blog/2009/01/20/survival-research-labs-changes-bush-street-to-obama-street/

9 Responses

  1. A friend sent me the Flickr page for this – such fun! I hope it stays up for awhile.

  2. cool – link? Can I tag my photo up there, too?

  3. nm. found it and tagged my pic. :)

    Now – does anyone know how to ‘trackback’ on the LS post so that I can link this post on their post?

  4. Not so sure it was Laughing Squid. This blog says it was Survival Research Laboratories, a “performance art group” active in San Francisco.


    Either way… I loved it.

  5. ah, good point, Derek. Thanks for the tip! (I’ll post an update). P.S. I added your blog to my Netvibes. :)

  6. this is especially cool since i used to live on bush street. maybe i wouldn’t have moved had they done this sooner! :)

  7. Dave – ya shouldn’t have moved at all! And, now that it says ‘Obama,’ that’s all the more reason to move back. SF misses you!

  8. Bri has a (several) point(s). :)

  9. yeah… okay this is me posting to tell you i’m crying. thanks.

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