My Favorite Industry Event Registration Confirmation Thus Far:

From the Da Vinci Institute when buying an online ticket for their upcoming ‘Night with a Futurist’:

“You have successfully registered with the DaVinci Institute. We will now remove the “normal chip” that was implanted in your brain at birth, and disassemble the “pull here” string on the back of your neck. You are now free to walk around the planet.”

Who says brainiacs can’t be funny, right?



4 Responses

  1. Love this post for two reasons: 1) It’s funny. Hee hee!
    2) This post isn’t all about new media.
    I’ve heard rumblings that some of our colleagues are afraid to post because they think the content has to be all about new media – it doesn’t, people!

  2. Agreed. I will usually post stuff I find funny – it’s my default reaction to everything.

  3. or you can just rant about something, like me. :)

  4. And P.S., Bri, with the inside track on these alleged “rumblings?” :)

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