Tweet Summaries in Blogs – new trend?

A good friend of mine – famous for her lurker ways (she does not leave blog comments, does not Tweet or use FB, etc.) – pointed out an interesting trend. Folks in the MSM (mainstream media, in case that’s not clear) are gradually educating their readers (and themselves, in the process) on the benefits of Twitter and then incorporating those results in a blog post. Thereby, creating a sort of hybrid method of information delivery of old media-new media-newest media.

A great example is a recent post from Mark Malkin who blogs for EOnline. He had red carpet duty at the Directors Guild of America Awards and he was trying something new – Twittering. He started by explaining some of the basics of Twitter and then went further and provided a summary of his DGA tweets in his post:

“But knowing not all of y’all are Twitter folks, I’ve put all my DGA tweets together for you right here. And in the spirit of keeping it authentic as possible, I have not corrected misspellings, wrong grammar and other such blips (including when they were cut off at the 140-character max). I apologize to our copyeditors, but I’m told that’s the charm of Twitter. It may not be perfect, but as one reader commented, ‘I feel like I was there with you…bomb sniffing dogs, Amy Adams, Marisa, Josh Brolin, and I got to experience it all from home!'”

Interesting way to ‘train’ readers into not only using Twitter but getting used to getting their real-time reports in this way. I think this type of reporting is going to get a lot of people exposed and therefore … infected with Twitter fever.

Has anyone else spotted other examples?

My favorite comment on Mark’s post: “It’s like we are entering the dark ages again. The deevolution of language is scary.”


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