A Borderline Stalker-ish Guide to Musicians on Twitter

In case you’ve been too busy listening to their music to sit and troll the World Wide Web for hours on end, here are allllllllll the artists who’ve got, yep, even more to say. On Twitter. Thus answering the age-old riddle, “What do Yoko Ono and Snoop Dogg have in common?” Answer: “Nothing! What? What do you mean ‘no’? Uh… They’ve both been ostracized pundits in the limelight? Oh, wait, I know, it used to be ‘ostracized pundits in the limelight.’ Now it’s Twitter! Yeahhh…”

Warning: the list is ridiculous. (As pilfered via Pitchfork via The Daily Swarm.)

– Dave


5 Responses

  1. Wow, this is ridic! The list – holy extensive!

    Thanks for sharing, I think my procrastinating will now reach new heights.

  2. Um, Dave, couldn’t you post something more comprehensive? I mean, we have standards here at EOD.

    Seriously, this list goes on for days. I was bummed that the only artists I was interested in following rarely post or may not even be legit. Get on it, Beastie Boys!

  3. Cool list – slightly related I just came across a list of the top 50 celebrity Twitterers, there’s some overlap in the musician department


  4. Speaking of celebs, I retweeted Guy Kawasaki this week because I think he was bummed that Brittany’s followers finally outnumber his own. :) He posted “you know Twitter has gone mainstream when celebs outshine the nerds” and linked to a list of top Twitterers – Brittany is right up top!

    He actually wrote back to me, which was funny. He said “as long as Brittany doesn’t position herself like @[girl’s profile], then I’m ok with it” referencing a random student’s profile whose bio describes her as “a young Guy Kawasaki with breasts.” Whaaaat? hahahahaha

  5. WHOA. that just made my day. hahaha

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