TinySong, or the Coolest Tool Ever

Be sure to check out TinySong, as it’s one of the coolest, most-bestest-simplest tools for sharing music. Simply enter a song name and TinySong spits out a tiiiiny little URL to share with your friends. When they click the link, they’re taken to a page where the song’s automatically cued through the smooth Grooveshark player. And it’s free! Obviously, right? Psh.

For example! While most folks I know will be busy exploring the limits of their hearts over candlelit dinners this Saturday, Valentine’s Day will find me thrashing around in some abandoned warehouse in an industrial Chicago neighborhood, frantically dodging Cupid’s little arrows and sweating it out to these guys: http://tinysong.com/2T2E. I mean, how romantic is that?!

In a much better example, perhaps you could send your valentine a song via TinySong. Yeah, better go with that one.

<3 Dave


3 Responses

  1. OMG, Dave, that song is sooooo romantic! Seriously, I just teared up and then had to go find a teddy bear for comfort.

    Great tool, btw. Going to share with all my music nerd friends, which will make me look cool … which is really the underlying point of all this anyway.

  2. agreed! why is it like that, anyway? for the most part music has become this i-can-out-do-you thing, whether it’s an artist, new or old album, or a social-media tool like this. whatever. i could go on and on but i think we need to share more and talk more, and something like this might help that and mitigate the pompousness, if that’s even a word.

  3. 1. The blog looks AWESOME. Way to go, Dave!
    2. We already discussed, but TinySong pretty much RULES.
    3. I promise not to use anymore all-caps. :-)
    4: Pompousness, if it isn’t a word already, should be.

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