@Michigan Just Tweeted a Surgery

Egads! My home state just Tweeted a surgery. Have no fear: the diligent doctor dude you see there took to TwitPicing the abdomen X-ray and tagging the patient’s organs on Facebook after the procedure was over.

Just kidding. He did it during.

Surgeons at Henry Ford Hospital recently Tweeted the removal of a cancerous tumor from a man’s kidney, the purpose of which was to “let people know that a tumor can be removed without taking the entire kidney,” according to the lead surgeon. Personally I would’ve taken his word for it, but I guess all the skeptics and “other doctors” out there actually tuned in for this thing. And he totally pulled it off. Phew.

Makes me wonder if we’ll be seeing Twitter clauses in our medical paperwork any time soon. If so, my biennial dentist visits would Tweet like: “had to sedate @dwendland. patient was unruly. man is it dirty in here. goin’ hard on these poor gums. #gingivitis.” You’d no doubt want to read that.

– Dave


5 Responses

  1. I should get some major points here for not making the obvious OB/GYN joke that is screaming to be let out. Seriously, can I get gold star or something?

  2. ok you get a gold star, heather. ;-)

  3. The first second I read this I did a double take. I thought, “I didn’t post this…” because it said “my home state.” DUH. :-) Long day…

    Anyway, this is extremely cool! I would imagine though that there are some crazy HIPAA implications – I mean, can they justify this adheres to confidentiality and will be on file for however-many years, etc? Guess so or (hopefully) they wouldn’t have done it. But then again, look at the congressman example (also MI, I might point out) and the jurors who were tweeting (maybe that one didn’t get caught/get press but was a personal example from our team). I dunno….

  4. oh yeah! that was mitten, too! oy. jes our state is all over twitter it seems…

  5. It is! I’ve been following mich dem party for a while, as well as some random legislators (why? I’m reg Calif voter?) and nearly all the sports teams. :-) Go mitten!

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