The One Facebook Update You’ll Want to Read

As you’ve probably heard, earlier in the week Facebook updated its Terms of Service (TOS), which you can read about here. The updates were pretty scary, which we’ll briefly outline:

  • Facebook’s TOS used to say that when you closed your account any rights they claimed to the original content you uploaded would expire.
  • Now, anything you upload can be used by Facebook in any way it deems fit, forever, even if you close your account in the future. They can even sublicense your content if they want.

If you cringed you’re not alone. In fact, due to rampant discontent from users, Facebook has since revoked the updates and reverted to its previous TOS as it drafts, you guessed it, another TOS (as reported by Mark Zuckerberg via the Facebook blog).

So more to come, but keep yourself in the loop as this story develops so that you’re aware of what’s in the fine-print of what we’ve already opted into. And if you’re really fired up about all of this, you can even get involved as they are open to user feedback.

– Dave


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