SPIN Earth – a fresh, worldview on music

My friend Lars works for SPIN Media (owns SPIN Magazine) and since last September has been working to launch SPIN Earth, which, in his words is “a worldwide network of correspondents [that will] help deliver local music news and updates from all regions globally.”

It seems like a mix of citizen and traditional journalism, as the site will “utilize reports supplied by dozens of correspondents daily, curated by a team of editors to ensure quality and professionalism.” So maintains the user-generated feel (though it’s my understanding they’re recruiting folks to contribute) with an edited finished product. 

 My friend worked to develop the network of correspondents and contributors in Africa.

I honestly haven’t poked around the site much, but I like the idea and would be curious what others think. Since this is a beta site for now (they’ll be officially launching later this year), I can deliver any feedback you have to Lars.



2 Responses

  1. this is pretty nifty, jes. the spinning globe was tough to get the hang of but i like the premise of this site. plus i see some bands that i already care about so that always rocks. :)

  2. I’ll be curious to see where all this goes (contributor myself for Adelaide / Oceania), because hey.. I wouldn’t mind making a career of it (instead of junk getting drunk and having a laugh.. and then wondering what the hell I’m gonna do to pay for it all).

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