More on Memes (Part Two of ?)

Cristina’s post on memes helped me recall a cool tool we discussed in the fall. Whether you’re looking to keep track of the latest and greatest memes or go back in time to see some of the most popular ones from years ago, this site offers a great time-line interface for it all. You’re able to change your view by span of years and scroll back in the chronology to view top memes they’ve kept tabs on since the inception of the Internet. Enjoy!

– Dave


4 Responses

  1. Now I’ll know which site to hit if I ever want to catch up on viral videos

  2. Oh yeah, the great procrastination site! :) There are too many such time-wasters out there in the Interwebs. :) sooo goood.

    Thanks for sending this link again!

  3. This is such a great way to catch up. I’m amazed how many I missed! Clearly, I’ve been wasting too much time “working” or whatever.

  4. i will say, an odd feeling is watching a video for the first time and noticing it has hundreds of millions of views. like, where did i go wrong? how did i not know? or does this mean what i’ve thought all these years really is true, that i’m really one in a million?! probably not huh. yeah probably not.

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