Jumping In – First EOD Post

I knew I’d get around to it someday – The “no posts” next to my name always made me so sad so it’s time to change that! I came accross this post via twitter: Even though I’m not always the biggest Tom fan I agree with what he has to say here: Can You Advise Clients On Social Media If You Aren\’t On Facebook Or Twitter?

I can’t believe this woman is going to be paid to teach a PR class to MBA students – what a waste of their time and money. “Knowing all about” facebook and twitter is NOT the same as participating. One can’t possibly “know all about” them without experiencing them first hand. So…in the spirit of participating (here at least), I thought this would be a fitting first post.


5 Responses

  1. I saw this headline come through somewhere last week but I didn’t get around to reading it, so thanks for posting! I can’t believe that woman… I agree and almost feel ashamed she can advise clients and teach MBA students without having tried to use social media herself. Ugh.

  2. wow, that thought process baffles me. what a waste is right. thanks for sharing and for making your first post, maria! this is a good one.

  3. Yay, Maria! It is only fitting that the woman who inspired be to get into blogging in the first place should have a place here.

    I was stunned by Tom’s article – he is so right. That woman is a moron and is totally missing the point. It’s the same reason that the Burning Man community discourages the Spectators Only crowd. I feel bad for the folks who paid money for that seminar. I was hoping he’d publish her name.

  4. Cliz – me too! She deserves to be called out.

  5. Welcome, Maria, my go-to blog guru for two years and counting; glad you are on EOD! : )

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