Barbara Walters FAIL

The power of Barbara Wawa is the power to completely render a popular Web site useless, off the grid, effectively dead. Who knew?

According to a top story from Gawker yesterday, Barbar Walters attempted to explain Twitter to Whoopi Goldberg on The View and shortly after, the site went completely dark – apparently, the Fail Whale didn’t even appear.

According to Owen Thomas – here’s a sample of the conversations slightly before Twitter sank:

I know for a fact Twitter is back and healthy — for now. Maybe the ladies of The View should invite Shaq Diesel on to explain next time!


2 Responses

  1. oh great, watch oprah grab hold of this and break twitter even more into the mainstream. thing would be out for weeks. i’m all for the expanded adoption of the service, i just hope the folks at twitter can scale.

  2. I was at least impressed that Babs seemed to grasp it and was genuinely excited. I’m sure she didn’t mean to break it but this is what will happen when too many folks get in the boat.

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