Mother of All Funk Chords

There’s a music video genius out there exhibiting the most dangerous of behaviors – he’s doing it for fun.

Meet Kutiman, an Israeli musician who’s wowing us with his homemade videos using a collage of other people’s YouTube clips. As stated by Peter Kafka stated on All Things D, “If you’re one of the people who puts great stock in the promise of user-generated content, here’s your best-case scenario.

Behold the “Mother Of All Funk Chords”:

Of course, questions are coming up about the legality of this. No word on if Kutiman obtained permission from anyone he sampled. However, Kutiman does provide an extensive list of links explaining where he found the stuff on YouTube.

So far, Kutiman hasn’t gotten any guff for his efforts, only enthusiastic praise such as this comment from “stringquartet”:

“I just found out about this tonight. Thank you for making this video! (I’m the guy soloing at 1:38) THANK YOU! this was done so creatively.”

Here is Kutiman explaining himself and his methods:


2 Responses

  1. Wow – I really enjoyed this! Had not seen or heard prior to your post, so thank you! (I love our blog, it’s like we catch things/memes for each other that we might otherwise miss in our daily going-about-our-own-lives!)

    I do question the legal questioners – if the videos were on YouTube to begin with, I would imagine you essentially give up all rights of it being private content. It’s a little different than a Facebook question, whereby you can implement privacy controls to prevent others from seeing your content , I think. Anyone know for sure?

    Again – thanks for sharing! I’m sending out to a few music lovers…

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. While not social media per se, this one falls into the ‘Stuff We Like’ category.

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