Oh Noes! RSS FWD shuts down

Apparently I missed the memo on this, since post is dated Jan. 29, but I was still being sent emails from my RSS feeds so I wasn’t aware of the change: upon heading to RSSFWD.com today to add a new feed (FT Tech Blog), I was re-directed to RSS FWD’s blog (WordPress, our old EOD theme!), which said they were shutting down. Anyone have some cash around willing to perk them back up?? ;-)

More realistically – does anyone know of a similar offering that I can use in its place? (Essentially, creating a list of blogs’ RSS feeds to be pushed to your email inbox?)



4 Responses

  1. Amazingly, I still use Bloglines. Yeah, it’s Old School but hey, it still works for me.

  2. Oh yeah, and FeedMyInbox. I use that too – works great.

  3. Does Bloglines push to your Inbox? FeedMyInbox is a good one, think I’ll use that. :-) Thanks!

  4. I think you can set up Bloglines to do that, though I haven’t. I’d rather just check it at my convenience. For work-related stuff, however, I use FMI.

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