Did you put your Facebook profile in your will? You didn’t?!

Well, have no fear, because there is a new service that will allow you to designate beneficiaries for your online personas and accounts.

Legacy Locker (based here in SF) will allow one to deposit account info and passwords and arrange for “Legacy Letters” to be sent to family and friends upon one’s passing.

This service costs $30/year or a one-time $300, but apparently – if the home page quotes are any indication – it’s gotten great reception from press. 

As silly as it may seem to me, I guess I can see the value. I have heard about so-called ghost profiles (creepy) and it would be nice to know what that person would have wanted to happen with their online assets, rather than just letting them sit there with friends/family unable to take them down or contact their network. OK, this is creeping me out, so see the FT Tech Blog post for more info.


3 Responses

  1. Trippy. Though I’m not sure I get it. Can’t you just give 1-2 family members the info now? Not sure why you would need an entire service for this but then again, maybe I don’t have enough ‘online assets’ to grasp the concept.

    But since we’re being morbid, I don’t mind saying that a buddy and I have already worked out the soundtracks for our funerals so that’s where my priorities are.

  2. That’s a great idea! I went to a wake where the person’s friends made a CD of her fav songs for all those who came. I thought it was a really nice touch. Anywhooooo….

    Butterflies and rainbows!!

    (and yeah, I agree with you on the awkwardness of the service, but maybe it prevents unwanted trespassing on the accounts while the person is still living?)

  3. My grandfather left all that information in a safety deposit box in a bank (umm..not facebook logins, but like, all his other important passwords and what not). My grandmother accessed the info in the box after he passed, so I guess that helps with your thoughts on unwanted trespassing.
    I plan on giving the info to a family member. Sometime soon, I guess, since who knows how long we’ll be around. Morgbid…geez.

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