Southwest Gives a Lesson in Building Brand Loyalty: Don’t Be Boring

This was passed around all over the Interwebs. As Steve Hall noted on AdGabber:

“This is the best. This is how brands should build loyalty. This is how flying should be. We’ve all heard the mindlessly boring pre-flight announcements airline attendants make prior to taking off. All that crap about putting the tray up, placing the seat in the upright position, properly stowing your carry on, turning off electronic devices and all kinds of other stuff that just makes you want to fall asleep.

Not on Southwest. Not if you have David as a flight attendent. Check out how he welcomes passengers on his flights.”


3 Responses

  1. That was the single coolest thing I’ve seen all week – thanks for sharing.

    I hope Southwest gives this guy a bonus – this was above and beyond.

  2. Seriously, that had to have taken some time to write and rehearse. At the very least, he’ll get a Facebook fan page, I’m sure..

  3. My mom told me about this on Friday, too, so thanks for posting. :-) Love it.

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