Twitter Status

Has Twitter’s spottiness got you down? Man alive, same here! The other day I tried uploading this Twitpic like 20 times to no avail. It was of this huge bowl of cereal I was enjoying – you know, great content my followers look for and expect. So what a letdown that was. Anyway, don’t forget to check Twitter Status for the latest in Fail Whale explanations, and we can all grieve together with a little more clarity around why nothing’s ever working. Usually technical issues, not cruel April Fools’ Day pranks.

– Dave


4 Responses

  1. My Twitter keeps reloading weird – like it’s got a hangover or something, with text all stretched out and photo boxes rearranged.

    Do you think Twitter has a drinking problem?

  2. hey mine also does that. weird. doesn’t look so hot, and is eerily like a hangover.

  3. UI looks the same over here. All the text looks like it’s in Times New Roman. Less Drinkin’, More Tweetin’, I say!

  4. That happened to me last week! So bizarre!

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