Tweet Congress

So Tweet Congress is beyond cool. Pretty simple concept: find and follow your Congress representatives who are on Twitter, establish communication, promote transparency… All good stuff! And if your representative isn’t on Twitter, well, you can even sign a petition inviting him/her to join the information superhighway. Take Sen. Harry Reid, for example, out there in Nevada doing who knows what and not punching in with 140 characters. Get on ball, Reid! (Dude’s got some explaining to do. No digital life? Psh.)

Also looks like the site won an SXSW Web Award, so you know it’s not messin’ around. Follow it on Twitter at @tweetcongress.

– Dave


2 Responses

  1. Think we must have talked about this before because the site was familiar and I now remember going through and adding all my senators, reps, etc.

    On that note, though, I noticed recently that a lot of them now list their handles as “NotTedKennedy”, e.g. or “NotHilaryClinton” – what’s up with that? Is that like, their way of being transparent? And if so, what is the point? I guess it kinda makes sense, but it makes me more inclined to unfollow them… I thought they were cool, but now…

    Thanks for sharing! I love revisiting site I saw long ago; jogs the memory.

  2. Oh, this is handy. I’m following my folks now – keeping twitter tabs on ’em. Thanks, Dave!

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