Cool Twitter Tools, in Short

  • Media On Twitter: this database recently got a makeover, but still provides the same great resources for PR people. Be sure to check this one out.
  • Twibs: want to know a company’s presence on Twitter? Browse this database.
  • Twitter Search: most of you probably use this, but for those who don’t, it’s a must.
  • Twellow: find and follow Tweeps. Search pre-defined categories of Tweeps or query their profiles to find folks of interest.
  • Twist: see and graph Twitter trends. Search by topic, company, etc.
  • TweetStats: graph your Twitter statistics and even generate a cool Wordle of your Tweets.
  • Twitter Apps: site managed by Twitter itself. Find the latest and greatest apps here.
  • Twhirl: popular desktop client.
  • TweetDeck: another really popular desktop client.
  • Tweetie: smooth, new client comes to Mac. Both free and upgraded versions available.
  • Spreadtweet: perhaps my favorite concept yet. Want to conceal your Twitter obsession? Just use this already.
  • Twanalyst: fun site for free Twitter personality tests.
  • Tweet Congress: site for finding and following your Congress representatives.

– Dave


3 Responses

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  2. Is that a spam comment? Weird.

    Anyway, this is a great list, thanks. I liked the SpreadTweet and Twanalyst. My Twitter personality: popular obsessive cautious My style: chatty coherent TALKER :-)


  3. Huge fan of the twitter personality tool. Where did this list come from, Dave?

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