Tracking the Swine Flu

The latest thing to make Americans squeal is news of the Swine Flu. This started to surface over the weekend when it was reported that the Swine Flu had taken 68 lives in Mexico, and, of course, many compartments of the Internet are reflecting the spreading concern. Here are some bits and bites of the Swine Flu on the Net:

*Tweeting the Swine Flu: As is its nature, Twitter has been filled with chatter about the Swine Flu. See the below chart from Trendrr mapping the chatter over the past day. 


Twitter reached 10,000 mentions of swine flu PER HOUR!! (Trendrr)

Twitter reached 10,000 mentions of "swine flu" PER HOUR!! (Trendrr)


*In addition to pulling info from the CDC’s Swine Flu microsite , you can follow the outbreak on a world map, that is pimped out with heat indicators to demonstrate how severe the situation is in a given location. See a sample below, which I grabbed from Mashable.


Tracking an epidemic - one outbreak at a time

Tracking an epidemic - one outbreak at a time

*You can also set up an RSS feed from the WHO (world health organization) site, which (according to Mashable) is the best source for real-time updates. They are also equipped with an RSS feed, which means you could set up to receive emails through a site like FeedMyInbox.



World Health Org

World Health Org


As nerve-racking as this is, there’s a good chance we’ll see some evolutions to new media born from this (just like we saw with the southern california wildfires, and the new uses of Twitter to spread news).

I’m sure we’ll all stay posted.


3 Responses

  1. awesome post, sharon. very timely and relevant. thanks for sharing. :) the 10k mentions of swine flu per hour is sorta mind-blowing.

  2. This is crazy. Also, ABC posted some great links to Twitter feeds, the CDC feeds, etc. Neat that ABC is linking to external sources for this.

  3. Have you seen the multiple BM notices about swine flu/health precautions? I like that our company is keeping us informed! Wash your hands, everybody!

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