Cision Presents: “Twitter 101”

Yesterday Cision put on a “Twitter 101” Webinar, and compared to the plethora of virtual crash-courses that cover the same subject I have to say it was one of the best I’ve attended. The hosts (@storyassistant and @hksully) provided some great social-media statistics and didn’t waste time covering Twitter basics. They also focused on the business application and impact of all the presented content. Not too common!

Below are some notes from the Webinar.

Social media:

  • Social networks/blogs are the fourth most popular online activity, coming in ahead of personal e-mail. The only three things that are more popular than social media are: search, portal sites and PC software that uses the Web. (Nielsen Online Study, March 2009)
  • The biggest increase in visitors to social networks was in the 35-49 age range at 11.3 million people. (Nielsen Online Study, March 2009)
  • 67 percent of the entire online community uses social networks. (Nielsen Online Study, March 2009)
  • One-third of all time spent on the Internet is on social networks/blogs. (Nielsen Online Study, March 2009)


  • @PRsarahevans created #journchat for improving interactions between journalists, bloggers and PR pros, a good example of personal branding.
  • Look to @ocreggie for a great example of how to use a Twitter handle with multiple Tweeps while remaining transparent.
  • Once you create a good core following (approximately 200) using the right tools, your number of followers will grow organically simply through the interaction that happens with those who are most relevant to you.

Some useful Twitter tools:

  • Find People for easy connections via the Web interface.
  • for crawling profiles and Tweets.
  • Tweet Later for monitoring keywords and getting automated keyword reports mailed to you on set intervals.
  • Twellow for a Twitter Yellow Pages, with categorized groups of Tweeps to find and follow.
  • Mr. Tweet for a personal networking assistant that works to link you up with similar Tweeps based on your Tweets.
  • TweetDeck for a good desktop application that provides a better Twitter experience. You can categorize followers by lists, use multiple handles, one-click RT/@replies, smooth interface, easy URL shorteners, etc.
  • Seesmic Desktop for another solid desktop application (less of a resource hog than TweetDeck).
  • Twitpic for sharing photos.
  • BudURL for URL shortening and collecting data on that link (some features are fee-based).

Cision also offers some Webinar downloads, available here.

– Dave


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the recap, Dave! Glad you liked the webinar.


  2. Awesome recap! I’m glad to have been a part of it with Cision, Heidi and the entire team.

    So what tool or tip did you find most useful?

    Thanks again!

  3. no prob! was a good one for sure. i’d have to say the tools overview was a highlight. there’s just so many of them out there that it’s tough to keep tabs. :)


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