B-M Twitter Shorts

And now for some B-M Twitter shorts:

  • We recently launched our own @haroldskids handle to support this here little ditty of a blog, and it’s been a blast thus far. You might’ve noticed our tweets streaming on the column to your right. We’re a collection of B-M authors and try our best to denote who’s doing the tweeting by using the carrot symbol (^), followed by our initials. So follow us and we’ll follow you back. Unless you’re naughty spam, of course. But then again I guess if you were naughty spam you wouldn’t be reading this, so…
  • Here at B-M Chicago we’re toying around with using the #ChiBM hash tag for office-related tweets, agency/city news, events, company softball games and, perhaps best of all, following people we see every day but had no idea were on Twitter! So far we count 23 Chicago tweeps a tweetin’. Now that that’s said and done: B-M San Francisco, throw down! (Hint: #SFBM)
  • B-M Boston now has its own handle. Yesirebob. Somehow they managed to carve out time for this as they grew three-fold over the past year. Check them out today at @BM_Boston.
  • In June Harold Burson visited the San Francisco office and was very enthusiastic about our social media/blog/Twitter presence and told us to keep up the great work. So with that — keep up the great work, kids! Cool beans.
  • Here are some other related handles we encourage you to follow: @BMGlobalNews, @BMU, @ProofDigital and @WPPOnline.

– Dave


3 Responses

  1. LOVE the tagging. (I threw down) :-)

    Thanks for spreading the Twitter BM news… !

  2. The pic isn’t showing up for me!

  3. Didn’t know about BM Boston’s handle. Cool! And, the pic isn’t showing for my comp, either.

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