Twitter Adds Lists, Retweet Features

First it was lists, now it’s retweets. Over the past couple months Twitter has gradually rolled out these features to its users, and they’ve garnered a lot of online chatter. The new capabilities are perhaps most noticeable when using Twitter via its Web platform, though third-party applications are starting to add support as well (for lists, since practically all of them previously supported retweeting).

Are you using these new features? If so, in what ways? Have they enhanced your Twitter experience, or complicated it? We used our @HaroldsKids handle to start a list of our team members who are on Twitter (speaking of which, if you’re on Twitter and we’ve missed you please let us know!). Among other benefits, lists can help you keep tabs on a group of users with a common interest. Mashable, for example, has a list of all its news writers here.

As far as far as retweets go, I’m still getting used to them — actually, probably more accurately, the way in which retweets are denoted in Twitter Web. I keep looking for “RT” which we’ve all become accustomed to (most people are still using “RT,” by the way), but now there’s the new retweet icon and an option below it to see who else has retweeted that particular tweet.

So much. So fast! And all so new. We’ll see how this goes…

Try checking out “10 Ways You Can Use Twitter Lists” and “HOW TO: Use Twitter Lists” for some helpful information on lists, and “Twitter’s Retweet Feature: Love or Hate?” for retweet commentary. Come to think of it, Mashable’s “Twitter Guide Book” is pretty darn resourceful, too.

On one of our recent team calls someone mentioned that, while these new features are cool, it’s pretty amazing that Twitter is just now officially embracing capabilities and nomenclature that users created and have relied on for years, and that third-party applications have been quick to integrate.

– Dave

Example of Lists Feature:

Example of Retweet Feature:


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