Three Things You Need to Know About Social Media Strategy

Three Things You Need to Know About Social Media Strategy” is a Mashable article from this week, penned by B.L. Ochman – the newly appointed social media strategist and managing director of Proof Digital Media. Ochman is an established digital thought-leader, and is publisher of the blog What’s Next (Twitter: @whatsnext) and co-founder of pet site Pawfun.

In her article, Ochman cites the following critical points for successful social media strategies (check out the article for details and explanations):

  1. Everyone must work together.
  2. Top management must be on board.
  3. Don’t expect overnight success.

New to social media campaigns? Ochman also provides recommendations on where to start, whether it’s for your client or your own company:

  1. Turn the company newsletter into an internal blog and give all employees the ability to contribute.
  2. Establish a social media policy for employee participation in social media on company time and beyond.
  3. Let employees vote on the best ideas suggested by other employees.
  4. Resolve to respond to customer service issues within three hours, via social media.

Ochman’s article is a worthwhile read, and we welcome her to the Burson-Marsteller family!

– Dave


One Response

  1. Thanks for the shout out about my Mashable post – much appreciated.

    The 2nd point is crucial. Agencies have to walk the walk to have street cred or ability to compete. And top management needs to participate in social media too.

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