Twitter SEO Tips


Most companies make a conscious effort to search engine optimize (SEO) traditional web-based communications, such as press releases and websites. The same principles apply with Twitter! Since people are finding tweets and users based on keyword searches, you can search engine optimize your tweets and bio to better reach your desired audience.

The following Mashable post summarizes ten commonly used SEO Twitter tricks. Try them and perhaps you will gain a couple of followers!

1. Choose a good handle

2. Select an account name wisely

3. Make your bio count

4. Spread the word

5. Remember your URL

6. Select the initial characters of each tweet carefully

7. Write keyword-rich tweets if possible

8. Mind your retweetability

9. Provide some link love

10. As always, give ‘em what they want


Facebook grows up

mark2I recently came across a Mashable post listing the top 30 Facebook applications for business.

With Facebook’s 35-54 year old demographic segment accelerating to a 276.4% growth rate June 2008 – Jan 2009 it’s hardly surprising to see more apps targeted at professionals.

Did you know you can create a tab on your profile for all of your professional contacts, information, and activities? I didn’t.

Check it out and see what if there is anything that might come in handy for you: