MLK and Twitter (via Vanity Fair)

In light of yesterday’s observance of the birth of MLK, wanted to share an interesting blog post in Vanity Fair that explores Twitter and the potential use cases by MLK and the civil rights movement.

“Instead of imagining Hypothetical King in 2010, I’m imagining a world in which today’s tools exist in King’s day. Specifically, I want to know what Dr. King would make of Twitter…”

Some interesting points (The more interesting points are raised at the bottom, if you want to skim):

“His popular legacy remains one of speeches, but he attended and organized meetings and direct-action campaigns… I imagine he would be frustrated by the passivity and false sense of action that Twitter can promote.

“More destructive than the mindlessness of some tweets, King would have problems with the way misinformation or incomplete information moves rapidly through the service and with how the movement’s message would be oversimplified or completely misinterpreted.”

Probably very true. Worth the read, if you have some time. Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend.

Facebook vs press conference?

I came across this via @TreeHugger (one of the top – and my fav – green blogs out there) on my Facebook status updates and was inspired to post. So Michael Pollan, of Omnivore’s Dilemma fame, is apparently helping publicize a new documentary that he appears in, Food, Inc. I recently caught a live interview with him on KQED (local public radio in SF)’s “It’s Your World” segment, which I tweeted about. But today his publicizing takes a social media twist: he’ll be live chatting on Facebook about food and food politics.

Michael Pollan (via @TakePart)

Michael Pollan (via @TakePart)

It’s getting a TON of buzz on Twitter already. (The TakePart site this is posted on, by the way, is really cool and seemingly has great presence on social media sites).

I think this is a really great idea. We actually came up with a similar idea in a brainstorm for a client project (that was later cut, unfortunately) and I still think it holds water for client work. Instead of flying all your execs out for a (boring) press conference, why not invite attendees to listen to a webcast broadcast via Facebook/Twitter/choose-your-own-platform, and allow attendees to chat/respond via these vehicles?

I think it’s an awesome idea. Have you proposed something similar? How did it go?

Mean time, I will be listening to Pollan’s latest take on the food revolution today at 3pm PDT!

Happy Fourth of July weekend, all!!

Disney – the OG – re-establishes innovation foothold in SF

The Bay Area – and San Francisco, specifically – is no stranger to high-tech movie production with the likes of LucasArts, Pixar and Dreamworks churning out feature films that use massive computing power and performance. But a new musuem opening in SF’s Presidio (where LucasArts currently resides) in October will offer a glimpse into cutting-edge movie-making of the past – via Walt Disney’s mastermind – before the PC was used in the process.

The Walt Disney Family Museum was opened to media this week and the FT gives a report of the highlights:

…we were introduced to innovations such as the 13-feet-high Multiplane Camera and the optical printer. The camera rises through two floors of the museum… Its use was perfected in Snow White, allowing several layers of artwork to be moved past a camera… giving a 3D effect and also allowing different parts of the picture to move in and out of focus. The optical printer takes two films and combines them, allowing real-life pictures to be merged with animation, such as in Mary Poppins .

The FT also opines: “[The Museum] is likely to lead to a reassessment of [Walt Disney] as a great innovator and visionary than movie mogul.”

Here, here. Cool stuff. AND, seems like a huge opportunity for social media engagement. Whether Facebook applications and trivia or games, a Google Earth live tour of the museum, videos galore and Twitter updates on museum specials, guests, etc. (like the California Academy of Sciences in SF), this consumer-facing campaign could do very well. Will look forward to seeing what Disney rolls out as they get closer to launch!

Disney film reel

Disney film reel

Nanoblogging – the new frontier

Who needs microblogging when you can nanoblog? 140 characters – too long! The next big thing is Flutter – each “flap” is only 26 characters – “a whole alphabet!”

Super creative and WELL worth 3.44 minutes of your time for a good laugh.


White House – Open For Questions!

This is quite possibly the coolest thing ever. Keyword: transparency. I would explain in detail, but this video (in less than 1.5 minutes!) does a bang-up job doing that on its own. (Because, shouldn’t it?)

Much like our own BM executive Town Hall meetings, the President is asking Americans to submit questions and vote on others (like a Digg model), and he will address these questions LIVE via on Thursday at 11:30 AM EDT. Soooo coooool.

As of this posting, there were 17,700 people who have submitted 20,708 questions and cast 669,084 votes.

Pretty impressive stuff. I just love that he’s listening.

Did you put your Facebook profile in your will? You didn’t?!

Well, have no fear, because there is a new service that will allow you to designate beneficiaries for your online personas and accounts.

Legacy Locker (based here in SF) will allow one to deposit account info and passwords and arrange for “Legacy Letters” to be sent to family and friends upon one’s passing.

This service costs $30/year or a one-time $300, but apparently – if the home page quotes are any indication – it’s gotten great reception from press. 

As silly as it may seem to me, I guess I can see the value. I have heard about so-called ghost profiles (creepy) and it would be nice to know what that person would have wanted to happen with their online assets, rather than just letting them sit there with friends/family unable to take them down or contact their network. OK, this is creeping me out, so see the FT Tech Blog post for more info.

Oh Noes! RSS FWD shuts down

Apparently I missed the memo on this, since post is dated Jan. 29, but I was still being sent emails from my RSS feeds so I wasn’t aware of the change: upon heading to today to add a new feed (FT Tech Blog), I was re-directed to RSS FWD’s blog (WordPress, our old EOD theme!), which said they were shutting down. Anyone have some cash around willing to perk them back up?? ;-)

More realistically – does anyone know of a similar offering that I can use in its place? (Essentially, creating a list of blogs’ RSS feeds to be pushed to your email inbox?)