Sweet cellphone tech from Japan, finally?

According to a recent Associated Press article, Japan’s mobile phone companies will finally begin to push their cellphone technology to other countries. Don’t know about you, but I’ve always had phone-envy for those cool multi-tasking gadgets from across the sea. From the article, 3G phones make up 90% of the Japanese cellphone market – remarkable when you keep in mind that the 3G phones are expected to grow to just 31% of the US cellphone market by 2012.

In addition to your typical cellphone functions, here’s a mini list of other cool Japanese features that go above and beyond the average mobile device.

Assuming all this technology gets localized, imagine how different the US cellphone culture could be in a few years time. Fingers crossed we’ll also inherit some quirky cellphone designs, like the Japanese phone that transforms into a mini-robot.

Japanese phone transforms into robot

Robot phone is simultaneously cute AND creepy (Photo cred: Akihabaranews.com)

Posted by Cristina on Tuesday, August 19.