DNC Blogger Central

It is nearly impossible to convey the madness that has overtaken my city this week. Thousands of Americans who live at lower altitudes have invaded my little metro cowtown and we’re doing our best to host. I’ve taken 8 bazillion photos and have only begun to upload them. Amazing people flit in and out of the scene. The founder of Daily Kos just gave me a hug while the governor of Massachusetts brushes past us. I ran into Susan Sarandon at a crosswalk and last night, I saw Madeline Albright head into a bar.  She’s a crazy lush that one.

Hanging out in The Big Tent’s blogger lounge all week has been a blast. Beyond the Google smoothies and the free food and booze, I’m meeting bloggers from all over the country. In fact, last night I met an American who lives in Argentina and represents Democrats Abroad – he was just one of the six million expats who live outside the U.S. but still vote in the elections.

The space is cramped and loud and power outlets are few. We introduce ourselves easily and make room nonetheless. Last night I dined with a young women who had just finished up her tour in AmeriCorps as a teacher.  I see name badges on the street that say things like “Senataor So-and-So” and “State Rep. Whatshisface.” Abortion protestors, ‘Hillaristas’ (“It’s not over!”), and loads of bored cops in full riot gear on every corner – these are the sights here in Denver this week.

I’d write more but this is my first post here and I’m still getting used to the new format. I’m trying to include a photo in this post and the preview doesn’t tell me smack. Will post again later.