And now, the lazy-woman’s blog post


Jessica Kositz
jkositz Fascinating! RT @adamostrow RT @mashable: How Should President Obama Use Twitter? (please RT!) – 



OK, I’ll elaborate… :)

Seriously – read that article in my tweet above! It’s amazing. Reminds of of the article that Stephen Berger shared a while back “from the desk of the Russian President,” his video blog. (Yay, Obama does this too!) It was really quite fascinating to me to read the Mashable post about all of the politicians that are using Twitter – and using it well. Canada, UK, Romania – even the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon (@SecGen)

Also, when Cliz mentioned @TheWhiteHouse on our call today, I went through a happy Twitter trail, clicking each of the few accounts it was following – The Senate, House, etc – then digging up quite a few of our Senators, Reps, Speaker of the House, etc. – real people – via those pages as each of them in turn were following another small set of their colleagues. I am now following Pelosi, Feinstein, Biden, Ted Kennedy, Sen Clinton and others. Pretty cool!

So chime in on Mashable if you have thoughts about how Obama should use Twitter (Harold knows we have ALL shared our opinions on this fact many times over) and if you’re on Twitter, RT the heck outta that thing! (just copy and paste my tweet above, add “RT” in front and post!) ;-)

Cheers, TGIF!