SPIN Earth – a fresh, worldview on music

My friend Lars works for SPIN Media (owns SPIN Magazine) and since last September has been working to launch SPIN Earth, which, in his words is “a worldwide network of correspondents [that will] help deliver local music news and updates from all regions globally.”

It seems like a mix of citizen and traditional journalism, as the site will “utilize reports supplied by dozens of correspondents daily, curated by a team of editors to ensure quality and professionalism.” So maintains the user-generated feel (though it’s my understanding they’re recruiting folks to contribute) with an edited finished product. 

 My friend worked to develop the network of correspondents and contributors in Africa.

I honestly haven’t poked around the site much, but I like the idea and would be curious what others think. Since this is a beta site for now (they’ll be officially launching later this year), I can deliver any feedback you have to Lars.


The White House launches its new blog!

Today was certainly exciting. And amid all the excitement – and following up on the heels of Obama’s near-flawless digital campaign, including his YouTube weekly addresses which I’ve vowed to watch regularly now! (NY resolution #43925732890!) – the re-vamped Whitehouse.gov site (did anyone visit the White House Web site when Bush was in office? I sure didn’t) launched its new blog!

Change has come to Whitehouse.gov

Heading up the blog is a new name (to me, anyway) – Macon Phillips, the Director of New Media for the White House. Macon explains the new Administration’s goals for the blog in one of the first posts.


I find this all very, very cool, as I think I’ve blogged about previously. Can’t wait to see all that comes out of this Presidency and our Government, moving foward.

Would be interested in your feedback on the site – what would you find most valuable from your government on its Web site and blog? Engage!


Also – some fun trivia for the day from Mashable via the CNN/Facebook alignment for inauguration day coverage:

1. There were 200,000+ status updates through the Facebook integration on CNN.com

2. at that time, 3,000 people commented on the Facebook CNN feed per minute

3. Obama’s Facebook Fan Page has more than 4 million fans and in excess of 500,000 wall posts 

Did anyone tune in to this live streaming? I personally watched on the big (old school) screen with the office. Do share thoughts if you tuned in!


Peace! Enjoy your inaug celebrations!

*cough, cough* I can’t come to work today, I have Discomgoogolation

YouGov, an international market research firm, conducted a study in late July which polled 2100 Britons about their Internet dependency and came across some interesting findings.

  • 76% say they cannot live without the Internet
  • 44% say they feel confused and frustrated when they are unable to get online
  • 17% say the longest they’ve been without Internet access is less than one day
  • 47% say the Internet is more important to them than religion
  • 20% say they pay more attention to the Internet than their partners
  • 19% say they would spend more time on the Internet than with their family
  • 17% say they miss the Internet more than their friends

Apparently, the YouGov study, conducted on behalf of UK web-based directory assistance service 118.com, was apparently done through an online survey. This would indicate the results were at least a little skewed, however, I can’t seem to find a link to the actual study in order to verify. Still, the results were shocking enough for YouGov to create a new term to describe the anxiety one feels when unable to connect to the Internet – “Discomgoogolation.” [Via Reuters UK, ShinyShiny]

In searching for a US-based study on roughly the same topic, I came across a WebMD article about Internet addicition.  A US-based survey of 2513 adults conducted via phone found that 14% of adults in the U.S. had a hard time staying offline for 4 days in a row. While I couldn’t find any other comparable stats, it’d be interesting to see how the general US population ranks the importance Internet connectivity in their lives.

Please enjoy this rather fitting description of the hysteria that ensues when people are denied Internet access – compliments of South Park.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The video above is all in good fun, but for sure consumers and news media have become dependent on the Internet as a source of information.


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Bigfoot: the power of the press release

Happy Friday! Some silliness to usher in the weekend:

It must have been a slow news day –  most of the major news outlets (Associated Press, New York Times and CNN to name a few) have been buzzing about an alleged Bigfoot discovery made by a few men from Georgia. At a highly-attended press conference event today, held in Palo Alto,  the men presented  inconclusive DNA evidence and a few blurry photos as proof of the discovery.

Now regarded as a giant hoax, the satire is spreading across the Internet. My personal favorites included a Wired.com story that compares Bigfoot to USA Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps and Bigfoot’s (un)official press release statement (created by Graham Roumieu) that comes courtesy of BoingBoing.

Bigfoot understands the power of the press release

Bigfoot understands the power of the press release

If Bigfoot can understand the power of the press release, surely everyone can.