Web Site Story – CollegeHumor video pokes fun at trendiest Web sites

Story of our lives, huh?

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SPIN Earth – a fresh, worldview on music

My friend Lars works for SPIN Media (owns SPIN Magazine) and since last September has been working to launch SPIN Earth, which, in his words is “a worldwide network of correspondents [that will] help deliver local music news and updates from all regions globally.”

It seems like a mix of citizen and traditional journalism, as the site will “utilize reports supplied by dozens of correspondents daily, curated by a team of editors to ensure quality and professionalism.” So maintains the user-generated feel (though it’s my understanding they’re recruiting folks to contribute) with an edited finished product. 

 My friend worked to develop the network of correspondents and contributors in Africa.

I honestly haven’t poked around the site much, but I like the idea and would be curious what others think. Since this is a beta site for now (they’ll be officially launching later this year), I can deliver any feedback you have to Lars.


Web 2.0 is never gonna run around and desert you

Web 2.0 and the Internet in general has had a massive effect on the music industry. If you need proof, let me point you to a short list of examples that are sure to ring a bell.

The latest example of the Internet’s effect on the Music Industry is quite amusing. As a result of the Rickrolling Internet meme phenomenon, Rick Astley is currently being considered for an award at the MTV Europe Music Awards along with Weezer and Snoop Dog. The reason is simple – over the past year countless eyeballs have seen the music video for his 1987 single “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

As we all know, word-of-mouth is considered to be the holy grail of marketing because audiences consider the opinions of friends, colleagues and peer leaders to to be more reputable than other forms of marketing like paid advertising. In the past, word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) was great but difficult to scale, but today social media has put WOMM on steroids – and the impact stuns me sometimes. Who would have thought a guy that recorded a catchy yet mediocre pop song 20 ago would be on the tip of everyone’s tounge today and be on the short list for an award to boot? These are crazy times!

By Cristina