Bigfoot: the power of the press release

Happy Friday! Some silliness to usher in the weekend:

It must have been a slow news day –  most of the major news outlets (Associated Press, New York Times and CNN to name a few) have been buzzing about an alleged Bigfoot discovery made by a few men from Georgia. At a highly-attended press conference event today, held in Palo Alto,  the men presented  inconclusive DNA evidence and a few blurry photos as proof of the discovery.

Now regarded as a giant hoax, the satire is spreading across the Internet. My personal favorites included a story that compares Bigfoot to USA Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps and Bigfoot’s (un)official press release statement (created by Graham Roumieu) that comes courtesy of BoingBoing.

Bigfoot understands the power of the press release

Bigfoot understands the power of the press release

If Bigfoot can understand the power of the press release, surely everyone can.