TIME Magazine wants you to Choose Your Own…news

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? They were so fun to read because they put you in the driver’s seat. You got to steer the story the way you wanted it to go. Now Time Magazine wants to bring the same customization to your news-reading life, marrying CYOA books with the RSS feeds (or FeedMyInbox emails) that we’ve come to depend on. They plan to do this with Mine.


Time Warner Inc's attempt to compete with Internet news

Time Warner Inc's attempt to compete with Internet news



According to the Associated Press:

Time Inc. is experimenting with a customized magazine that combines reader-selected sections from eight publications as it tries to mimic in printed form the personalized news feeds that have become popular on the Internet.

The print publication will be free and is being driven by the sponsorship from Toyota’s new Lexus vehicle (apparently with the message that the Lexus is just as customizeable as the magazine! Woohoo!)

Hurry if you want to be a part of this, because they are limiting the free print pub to the first 20,000 sign-ups. You can sign up for  five titles from eight published by Time WarnerL Time, Sports Illustrated, Food & Wine, Real Simple, Money, In Style, Golf and Travel + Leisure.


All the Time Warner Mags, Ripe for the pickin'

All the Time Warner Mags, Ripe for the pickin'



Sign-ups are available immediately at http://www.timeinc.com/mine

I think this builds off what Heather Clisby last posted about: Print media are getting scrappy. They are searching for a panacea for the disinterest for print media that is spreading like wildfire. This is an example of an outlet trying to appeal to the readers’ picky choosy, site-hopping taste (how they get news on the Internet). Looking at the bottom line, the AP says:

Online advertising, through growing, hasn’t generated enough revenue to offset declines in print; personalized print products could help fill some of the gap.


Oh Noes! RSS FWD shuts down

Apparently I missed the memo on this, since post is dated Jan. 29, but I was still being sent emails from my RSS feeds so I wasn’t aware of the change: upon heading to RSSFWD.com today to add a new feed (FT Tech Blog), I was re-directed to RSS FWD’s blog (WordPress, our old EOD theme!), which said they were shutting down. Anyone have some cash around willing to perk them back up?? ;-)

More realistically – does anyone know of a similar offering that I can use in its place? (Essentially, creating a list of blogs’ RSS feeds to be pushed to your email inbox?)