White House – Open For Questions!

This is quite possibly the coolest thing ever. Keyword: transparency. I would explain in detail, but this video (in less than 1.5 minutes!) does a bang-up job doing that on its own. (Because, shouldn’t it?)

Much like our own BM executive Town Hall meetings, the President is asking Americans to submit questions and vote on others (like a Digg model), and he will address these questions LIVE via Whitehouse.gov on Thursday at 11:30 AM EDT. Soooo coooool.

As of this posting, there were 17,700 people who have submitted 20,708 questions and cast 669,084 votes.

Pretty impressive stuff. I just love that he’s listening.


The ARRA (says I) – or Recovery.gov

No news that President Obama today signed the much-debated economic stimulus package agreement, or what’s officially now known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (I’ll call it ARRA henceforth). Whether this makes you, your clients, your family, etc. happy or angry, what we can probably all agree on is that the decision by the Prez to make all future spending under the legislation OPEN and TRANSPARENT is tres cool. 

Under the banner of Recovery.gov (in a similar vein of this Administration’s providing common sense WWW locations for other government entities such as THE WHITE HOUSE), all money distributed by the various Federal agencies under ARRA will be displayed “visually in maps, charts, and graphics” on this site. How cool is that?!?! I love charts and graphics!

For a less-than-two-minute blurb from Obama himself on the aims of this new site, watch this video:

Let’s hear it for accountability and transparency to your (any) constituencies!