There’s Something About Memes (part 4 of ?)

Memes are defined as a unit of pop culture. The term was first coined by a British scientist, RichardDawkins,  to describe the evolution and spread of cultural ideas. Somewhere along the line, the term degenerated to describe LOLcats and Rickrolling.

The success and longevity of a meme depends upon how culturally relevant it is. Case in point, this past Sunday, MTV aired its annual Music Video Awards. As a big television event, the award show had lots of eyeballs on it, so when the  unexpected happened, it did not take long for that moment to bear fruit to a new meme. During an acceptance speech by country/pop singer Taylor Swift, hip hop artist Kanye West grabbed the microphone from her hand to proclaim that Beyonce, who Taylor had beat out for the award, had “one of the best videos of all time.” (Video here) This opened the door for a brand new meme that caught on like wildfire yesterday.

An example:


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Web Site Story – CollegeHumor video pokes fun at trendiest Web sites

Story of our lives, huh?

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White House – Open For Questions!

This is quite possibly the coolest thing ever. Keyword: transparency. I would explain in detail, but this video (in less than 1.5 minutes!) does a bang-up job doing that on its own. (Because, shouldn’t it?)

Much like our own BM executive Town Hall meetings, the President is asking Americans to submit questions and vote on others (like a Digg model), and he will address these questions LIVE via on Thursday at 11:30 AM EDT. Soooo coooool.

As of this posting, there were 17,700 people who have submitted 20,708 questions and cast 669,084 votes.

Pretty impressive stuff. I just love that he’s listening.

The White House launches its new blog!

Today was certainly exciting. And amid all the excitement – and following up on the heels of Obama’s near-flawless digital campaign, including his YouTube weekly addresses which I’ve vowed to watch regularly now! (NY resolution #43925732890!) – the re-vamped site (did anyone visit the White House Web site when Bush was in office? I sure didn’t) launched its new blog!

Change has come to

Heading up the blog is a new name (to me, anyway) – Macon Phillips, the Director of New Media for the White House. Macon explains the new Administration’s goals for the blog in one of the first posts.


I find this all very, very cool, as I think I’ve blogged about previously. Can’t wait to see all that comes out of this Presidency and our Government, moving foward.

Would be interested in your feedback on the site – what would you find most valuable from your government on its Web site and blog? Engage!


Also – some fun trivia for the day from Mashable via the CNN/Facebook alignment for inauguration day coverage:

1. There were 200,000+ status updates through the Facebook integration on

2. at that time, 3,000 people commented on the Facebook CNN feed per minute

3. Obama’s Facebook Fan Page has more than 4 million fans and in excess of 500,000 wall posts 

Did anyone tune in to this live streaming? I personally watched on the big (old school) screen with the office. Do share thoughts if you tuned in!


Peace! Enjoy your inaug celebrations!

Dr. Marvin, I’m blogging!

OK so since I sent about 50 emails to the BM New Media Team alias today, decided to post this last one in our blog. Not sure why but it seems easier sometimes to just punch out an email. When really, it’s kind of the same thing. Think I’m getting sucked into that mindset that blogging is too cumbersome – I blame Twitter; quick shouts vs. thought-out posts. (So much more my style, even offline). :)

Anyway, wanted to share this – have you all seen already? I have sadly been too busy since the election to track the news surrounding the President-Elect and his activity (although every time I walk past the freaking TV in the front lobby it’s SARAH PALIN THIS, SARAH PALIN THAT – GOOOOOO) but this Web site might be a great resource to help me get caught up. CHANGE.GOV – the new Web site “from the office of the President-Elect.”

It’s gorgeous, visually, and seems to employ a lot of the features we came to know and love on during his campaign for Office. There’s a voluteer portal, multimedia and even user-generated content, via the “share your story” [from election day]. COOL. supports Veterans Day supports Veterans' Day

What are your thoughts? What will happen to a) this site once Obama goes to the Oval Office for his term and b) the OG site – Curious where the good content there will go. Will he just create a link bridge? Is that one now going away since it was focused on advocacy and fundraising?

Either way – love this campaigns involvement in all things digital! Should be a very open, interesting term – no matter what your politics. (Thinking of the Russian President video blog Stephen sent around recently and how, upon watching, I had envisioned Obama doing the same, addressing the US. Rad!)


OMG. I feel like such a nerd for laughing at this, but…

… it’s kind of hilarious. OK, it’s really hilarious (if you’re a social media junkie, i.e., nerd). This was acutally linked in a B-M Digital e-newsletter back in June, but I just now got around to watching it. I was laughing to myself out loud. Seriously. :)

Enjoy! (and it’s not quite over when credits hit…naturally. We all know how this story ends!)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(Video: Social Networking Wars // Current tv)

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