Give up technology?!!! The horror!

Ive seen this article floating around in a number of places for the past few days and made a mental note to post it to the team blog when I had a free moment.  For those not familiar with some Catholic (or perhaps Christian?) religious traditions, it is customary to give up something important to you for the 40 days leading up to Easter (ala Josh Hartnett giving up sex in the San Francisco set movie “40 days and 40 nights.”)

Aaaanyway, this year, according to the article, the Church formally recommended its members give up technology, such as not texting on Fridays, listening to ipods all the time, etc. And I have to say, I actually find this interesting and a pretty good idea. It seems to me that cutting out some of the clutter that technology introduces to our lives could actually free the mind to focus more on religious beliefs, if one so chooses to use the freed brainpower in that way. I particularly like this quote “It’s a small way to remember the importance of concrete and not virtual relationships.”

Anyway, I wasn’t planning on giving up anything for Lent this year (and am late to the game anyway), but if I were to do so I’d consider the technology thing. I feel like it could potentially serve much more of a religious purpose than my traditional act of giving up soda.


Jumping In – First EOD Post

I knew I’d get around to it someday – The “no posts” next to my name always made me so sad so it’s time to change that! I came accross this post via twitter: Even though I’m not always the biggest Tom fan I agree with what he has to say here: Can You Advise Clients On Social Media If You Aren\’t On Facebook Or Twitter?

I can’t believe this woman is going to be paid to teach a PR class to MBA students – what a waste of their time and money. “Knowing all about” facebook and twitter is NOT the same as participating. One can’t possibly “know all about” them without experiencing them first hand. So…in the spirit of participating (here at least), I thought this would be a fitting first post.