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Most companies make a conscious effort to search engine optimize (SEO) traditional web-based communications, such as press releases and websites. The same principles apply with Twitter! Since people are finding tweets and users based on keyword searches, you can search engine optimize your tweets and bio to better reach your desired audience.

The following Mashable post summarizes ten commonly used SEO Twitter tricks. Try them and perhaps you will gain a couple of followers!

1. Choose a good handle

2. Select an account name wisely

3. Make your bio count

4. Spread the word

5. Remember your URL

6. Select the initial characters of each tweet carefully

7. Write keyword-rich tweets if possible

8. Mind your retweetability

9. Provide some link love

10. As always, give ‘em what they want


New Facebook Fan Box Widget – brand engagement o-rama

Facebook just rolled out a Fan Box Widget. This is basically, as Facebook puts it, “to gain more fans and share your Facebook updates.”

All it takes is embedding the code on your site, so big companies or musicians or …. dog groomers could easily take advantage of this.

To me, this is Facebook’s response to the huge uptick of people and companies embedding their Twitter feed onto their sites. Companies like Zappos have made this a huge part of their community interaction and company transparency initiatives.

This should be a great way to easily create a gateway for brands to socialize with their audiences. Also, there’s a potential to include it or embed it with a product launch release/microsite and to drive fans of individual products (like a new handset, for instance). We at Harold’s Kids will experiment on how to get this going on our blog! To be continued . . .

Michael Jackson Memorial – CNN coverage streamed with Facebook Statuses

A la the inauguration, CNN has partnered with Facebook to stream coverage of Michael Jackson’s memorial alongside commentary from Facebook. It’s going on right now, join the conversation here:

Screenshot of Facebook status stream accompanying CNN's live broadcast

Screenshot of Facebook status stream accompanying CNN's live broadcast

Web Site Story – CollegeHumor video pokes fun at trendiest Web sites

Story of our lives, huh?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The iPhone 3GS – Announced at WWDC 2009

Credit: CrunchGear

Credit: CrunchGear

At WWDC, Apple just announced the newest iPhone — the iPhone 3GS. “S” stands for Speed. iPhone 3GS will have video, better camera quality. Built-in video editing. Voice control, compass, Copy and Paste!

There will be no change to the hardware. The 16GB will run $199 with the 32GB at $299. iPhone 3G will be $99, so used ones will probably be selling for around $50. This lowers the barrier to entry for new iPhone users a lot.

The iPhone 3GS will be available starting June 19, 2009. I’m guessing lines will begin forming…NOW.

Apple’s site is updated with 3GS information:

Face-to-Facebook Confession: The Pope’s on it is the new Web hub for all things pope is the new Web hub for all things pope

Holy heck! The Pope is rocking the social media world. His holiness has a site,, is on YouTube, Facebook and the iPhone. One can only guess that Twittering is not so far away. Maybe doing a 140 character Mass? Condensing the “Our Father” into 140 characters. I would love to see it done.

Here’s the bad news: He’s not a Facebook member, per se (sorry, you can’t poke the pope quite yet). They’ve actually created a Facebook application called “The pope meets you on Facebook,” which allows people to see the Pope’s speeches and messages, same deal for iPhones / iPods.

Growing up Catholic, I think it’s so cool to see this happening. A church traditionally known for being, well, traditional, is changing the game to interact with young christians. 

A quote from a Reuters article reads: “We recognize that a church that does not communicate ceases to be a church,” said Monsignor Paul Tighe, secretary of the Vatican’s Social Communications department.

Did anyone else gasp “the Catholic church has a social media department?!” These are the times, eh? The whole initiative was launched around the Vatican’s World Communications Day this Sunday. Well done, Vatican.

CEOs who Twitter


Richard Branson, CEO/twitterer

Richard Branson, CEO/twitterer



Businessweek recently put out an article about the top 50 twittering CEOs.

Virgin Group’s Richard Branson,’s Tony Hsieh, and dozens more CEOs harness the simple powers of Twitter. Guy Kawasaki of Alltop uses the microblogging service as a way to broadcast; Phil Libin of Evernote has been converted to Twitter after being a skeptic; and Gary Stockman of Porter Novelli likes being able to engage in global conversations. 


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