There’s something about memes (part 3 of ?)

First, a public service message: This is our 100th post! (Woot!)

Admittedly, I’ve not gone back to memes since my post in February. Yikes! However, I wanted to share a video series from Rocketboom called “Know Your Meme” which explains the origins and proper use of a number of Internet memes while wearing nifty labcoats. With a number of “tutorials” and counting, you might want to check it out next time a friends or colleagues starts obsessing about the Shiba Inu Puppycam or replies to one of your emails with a cheeky “O RLY?”

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the Know Your Meme: Yo Dawg video.


3 Responses

  1. O RLY? my fave…

  2. Love the lab coats with the turned up collar. I may have even learned something here. This would make a great improv game.

  3. this is AWESOME. I had NO IDEA of the Yo Dawg Meme! And his response – and attempt to replicate – AMAZING!

    Congrats, Harold’s Kidders on 100th post!

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